Some upcoming Amateur Events


Its no secret that I like contesting….  its also NO SECRET that I am not a good contestor….  But if you are looking for a chance to work some Rare(er) stations or locations the best chance (one of the best chances) you have is when there is a contest on.  Thats when the guys who really take this seriously are out there with quality gear and an attitude to match…

If all your looking for in your QSO is the bare minimum for the contact (your 5/9 next…) then the contesting scene is a place to be…

But remember….  The Big Guns need Popguns to talk to….  or they would be talking to themselves…. or as I put it earlier this month…

The deal is that I put the best signal I can out there….  and its up to the rest of you to have a good enough station to copy my signals and then we both look good…

But with that in mind….  Please follow this link:

And you will see if there are any contests coming up that might interst you…  The bands are not the best these days so your best chances of working some DX Stations could be the Big Guns who are looking to improve their score in a contest…

So why not do your part and make sure they are not talking to themselves…


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