Making a Log… Checking it twice…

HAMSANTA4With all the comments about and from LoTW recently about running slow(er) as well as dropping contacts from up loaded logs I thought I would take the time to look at my contacts made since (and including) the 2012 ssb sweepstakes…  I was only giving out ONES and not activly contesting so for any of you still looking for a confirmation from Ontario North East (ONE) all 200 of my ONEs made it to LoTW….


However with a less than 5% return rate in the same time period I am wondering why I was bothering even to give out contacts…  Out of 200 contacts made during the contst less than 10 have confirmed by Logbook of The World

I did go into the contest with the hope that with only a new states needed for my WAS that with the Sweeps being mostly North America that I should be able to fill in the few needed and also confirm some of the ones already in the log…


Well I was partially correct…  According to my logs I have all 50 states now completed BUT I am still missing 10 confirmations for my WAS.  LoTW shows that I have 40/50 but my logs show I have contacted 50/50 so….

According to LoTW there is still a backlog of at least 5 days in processing the logs and so if any of those stations I contacted in the SS were not prompt in uploading their logs that might account for it…

Now waiting two weeks for 10 confirmations is not a big thing…  Perhaps I should not be so trusting believeing the ARRL hype on LoTW…  I figured that as people would be in a hurry to submit their logs for the ARRL Sweeps they would also take the extra couple of minutes and upload to LoTW at the same time.  Its the same computer generated logs…. whats so hard about it?

Lets rethink my strategy early in the new year….


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2 Responses to “Making a Log… Checking it twice…”

  1. Clayton VE3IRR Says:

    I seem to end up with about one third of my contacts confirmed on LoTW. So far I have 10 out of 25 for the WAEDC RTTY contest, 23 out of 81 for the SSB sweepstakes, but only 2 out of 30 for last weekend’s CQ WW CW.

    • VA3QV Says:

      Congrats… your 23 out of 81 for the SS sure beats my (less than)10 out of 200 for the same contest.

      Normally LoTW seems to run about (approx) 30% return so you are right in the ballpark…

      I’m concerned about my 5% however and wondering if people have lost logs and not noticed as they were (like me) not taking it seriously (all i was looking for was filling in my WAS) and just submitting logs…

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