Balloon is now over Morocco (Africa)

If you follow this link…!call=a%2FK6RPT-12&timerange=604800

And you will see the path taken so far by the payload….

It appears to have come down in Morocco… from the last data…

It seems they have had some issues with a GPS lock on this trip along with longer than expected gaps in the communications side of things with the APRS Packets not being received by ground stations.  I’m not sure if thats due to the ground stations now switching over to the 144.390 from the European APRS frequency of 144.800 quick enough or if there were other issues…

However I would have to concider the flight a success as again they few across the country from California to the Atlantic Ocean and then successfully made it across the Atlantic to the continent of Africa…. Their previous attempt went from California into the Mediterrian Sea…

The bar has been raised (again) and I’m starting to thing that it can’t go much higher….  For distance/flight duration there might be some room for improvement but I don’t see much happening for altitude unless someone makes a stronger balloon and that new material has to be affordable to the Amateur Ballooning community….

Congrats go out to the California Near Space Project for their efforts on another successfull flight.


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