Listening to the ARRL 10m Contest

Remember I had mentioned that if the band was open it was going to be a good time in the contest…  Well…

ARRL-logoI am thinking that the bands must be open (according to the cluster) and I can hear some guys running a pile up in Washington state but they can’t hear me or I can’t break the pile up…

Hoping it improves and I have fine tuned on one of the Big Guns with the hope that the band will improve enought for him to hear a popgun…  Not sure right now if the issue is with my antenna capabilities as perhaps the S9 is not good everywhere for me with my limited radial pattern or if the issue is just not stellar band conditions…

Will let you know how it ends up…


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7 Responses to “Listening to the ARRL 10m Contest”

  1. ve3clq Says:

    West Coast is pounding into Kingston right now Bob, lots of contacts with CA and HI.

    New antennas working a real treat !!

    • VA3QV Says:

      Congrats and way to go with the contacts from the new QTH Bill… I’m not hearing squat so I’m thinking tomorrow (once the snow stops) could be a recheck everything day….

      • ve3clq Says:

        snow…..Snow…..SNOW ???? !!!!!

      • VA3QV Says:

        Yup and we are supposed to get more overnight… Going to have to tarp up the Electric Vespa again and hope for warmer weather…
        Also while outside will be swapping out coax lines for the vertical HF as the one I just put out seems flakey in the wet

  2. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Not much of activity here in europe. Propagation is not as good as last year. I hope for a better day tomorrow. 73, Bas

  3. Don Says:

    Very poor here on the first day. Worked JH6AUS as 10m closed completely.

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