Feedline it is….

Well I went outside and tarped up the electric Vespa in preparation for the snow and Freezing Rain that has been predicted for our area…




… Is heading towards Ottawa

While I was out there I swapped out the 25 foot run of RG8 coax that was suspect with me for a slightly longer run of RG8X coax that I had used previously…

Findings so far:

10m- loads up using the built in tuner in my FT 450 and I have made contacts

12m- loads up and hearing stations but no contacts yet

15m- loads up and hearing stations but no contacts yet

17m- loads up and hearing stations but no contacts yet

20m- loads up and I have made contacts

40m- loads up and I have made contacts

80m- will not load up without the external tuner (no real change from before I started)

So far I would concider this to be a success.  I was able to return to the same good results before I started swapping the COAX in the first place.


But… I still need to replace my LDG z100 Autotuner (above) (the one I should not of sold)…


and after careful searching the WWW I have decided upon the LDG AT100 pro2 tuner…


Its good for up to 125w and my FT 450 has a maximum output of 100w so all is good there and the tuner also has 2 antenna inputs which is would be for the S9 Vertical and the W3EDP giving me a easily switched antenna system (horozontal or vertical) as needed.  Simple and it works for me…

However as I have “issues” with ordering on line from anywhere and although its not the fault of the Radio Retailers I tend to have bad luck with whoever they chose to deliver it…  No matter if its the Postal Service or any of the Large top notch courier companies it seems that whatever I have delivered seems to be well traveled before I get it….  I know its well travelled because their on line tracking system tells me where my parcel is…. Not at my place…

Last time it happened my FT 450 spent more time in Ottawa than it did in transit from London to Ottawa….  Overnight from London to Ottawa and then it got lost in Ottawa for a few days…  The same thing happened with a shipment of baluns from Toronto….  More time spent lost in Ottawa than in inter city transit….  The couriers are no any better with my first FT857 coming to Ottawa from the Dealer in Toronto ending up making 3 round trips between Toronto and Ottawa before it found its way to my door…  It was returned twice as refused when I was staying at home to wait for the courier because I wanted my new toy…

So now…. There is no way I am going to order anything on line and trust it to any shipping company just before Christmas which is the busiest time of the year…  I trust the Radio Dealers….  I don’t have any faith in the shipping companies….  mail or courier…  Delays are Delays…    Early in the New Year I’ll order one (perhaps some other stuff as well figuring that a big box is harder to lose)  and have it shipped once the rush has subsided…

In the meantime I’m still on the air so life is good…


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