A couple of interesting EQSLs arrived today

After supper I snuck downstairs and checked my email….  I noticed a notification from EQSL and so I headed over to their site to see what goodies had arrived for me…

Two cards stuck out (from the rest) each for their own reasons….

The first one was from a DXPedition I contacted on 20m back in July…  According to their QRZ.com page they were not doing the Electric QSLs of any variety (no eqsl or LoTW) but as HRD sends out a EQSL every time I hit enter in my logging program there was no way really to easily not send one out…

TO2D eqsl

Today this came in …

Which was a bonus…  Hopefully this also means that the DXPedition has decided also to upload to Logbook of The World as this would be a new one for me…

The second card was from a SWL.  I appreciate all the EQSL’s but the ones from a SWL are really special…  Its nice to get a signal report especially not from the area I was talking to and also there is a chance that the SWL will one day join our ranks as an Amateur.


ab4ug eqsl

I got my start with an old tube receiver listening to the BBC and Radio South Africa close to 50 years ago now….  There really was a magic of radio back then as computers (let alone the internet) were not around…  This even was before the madness called CB Radio had arrived…  Its always a treat to confirm a SWL Report…  and as this time I also had the EQSL from the party I was talking to at the time…  Its the first time that ever happened for me… Lots of QSLs and lots of SWL Reports but this the first that I got both…

An interesting way to end the day….


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