Wednesdays’s stuff on the go

Good Morning…

LoTW_2Just checked my Logbook of The World account and find that my QSOs for December 2nd and December 3rd were processed overnight and that I have one new QSL for a 15m contact made on November 18th.  Don’t know when he/she uploaded to LoTW but my December 3rd QSOs were uploaded early on December 4th so perhaps the system is speeding up.

The EQSL account is showing 4 new contacts.  Three were from the November Sweeps and the 4th from a earlier contact over the summer.  All 4 contacts were from the same person so I guess he finally got around to uploading his logs….  It will be interesting to see when they show up (if they show up) on LoTW as a QSL

oarcAs far as todays local amateur stuff goes…  The Ottawa Amateur Radio Club will be meeting tonight at City Hall at 7pm.  There is no guest speaker tonight so after the club business has been taken care of we split into teams and have a amateur radio based Trivia Game with token prizes for every correct answer.

Last year my daughter Trisha and myself participated and we won enough Timmies Gift Cards to cover my coffee fix for the rest of the month…  If you are in the downtown core tonight….  Drop in for a visit… Guests are always welcome.

Today will be a fairly busy day before the meeting.  As the weather is warming up to above 0 deg C I am planning to meet Ottawa’s newest (as far as I can tell) KX3 owner and we are going to do a side by side comparison of his new baby and my old friend.



KX3 vs FT817.

I am guessing that our transmit on SSB will be very close and I am expecting his filtering in the RCV section to be quite a bit superior to my FT817.  But then in reality you have new technology up against a 12 year old radio.  Yes my FT 817 went into production 12 years ago now.  The last upgrade was the FT817 ND but mine (like me) is a golden oldie…  I am looking forward to test driving another KX3 (and its warm enough to drool) as I keep on looking for excuses not to buy one…

It looks like its going to be a fun filled day…  Temps will be  just warm enough not to freeze me…. and I even to go out for supper with my daughter before the OARC Meeting…


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