Someone called it “Log Jam of The World” today

This afternoon I was listening on 20m and heard two US stations chatting just off a net frequency.  I was actually listening to the net and they were buzzing me a bit and so I thought I would just drop down a few and see what/who was causing the noise…

LoTW_2The guys were describing how they were waiting for a few more confirmations and that would be the 5 Band DXCC for one and the 3 Band DXCC for the other and even though it sounded like they had been at this for a while now…  The were getting impatient…

Well I can see where they are coming from….  According to LoTW status updates they are sitting about 9.5 days behind but according to my logs its 10 days…  But really it does not matter...  It happens when it happens….  It does give us something to B!tch I mean talk about though but…

Its still faster than Snail Mail (QSL Direct) and its also way faster than the QSL Buro… 


Now seeing that I am waiting for 9 states to confirm (I got confirmations for 41 out of 50 in the log) and 46 DXCC entities (with 101 out of 147 confirmed) I would really like to see the backlog cleared up…  Then I might know what I need to backfill in the log to get some wallpaper for the shack.  I know that my last 3 DXCC worked (145, 146 & 147) are from DXPeditions and should be uploading to LoTW after the QSL Rush has been taken of .  Numbers 102 to 144 will be a suprise for me me as I just don’t know….  A good bunch were supposed to be on LoTW and were from the CQ contest back in October.  The logs had to be submitted to CQ already and if you have to submit your logs why not just go the extra mile and submit to LoTW at the same time????

Maybe some questions are better left unanswered

Enjoy your upcoming weekend….


ps and for those of you who leave things till the last second…

You are now into the 12 days of Christmas…  Its getting closer…

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