Monday AM – Sliding around in Ottawa

Well its Monday morning and we have had our 2nd major weather event of the winter…  The really shocking part of it is that in both events we have had more Freezing Rain than snow….  This means for the drivers that there are no snowbanks out there to stop you from going into the ditch when you skid out of control and for the walkers like me (I don’t use the electric Vespa if I can’t see pavement) there is no snow on the ground to cushion your fall when you slip on the ice…


The City…  to its credit does use a salt/grit combination on the roads and on the sidewalks to try and keep us safe,  but it seems its never enough and gravity and momentum will come into the picture at various times in the day…


On the radio side of things the vertical is working fine with no issues caused by freezing rain and the 2m copper J pole seems to be working fine as I can hear the local repeater ID but I’m a little late to hear the morning drive in group…

The only thing radio wise I am a bit concerned about is that my S9 43 foot vertical is being held in place by weaving it through the branches in the maple tree in my backyard.. (stealth and support) and with the freezing rain adding some weight to the tree branches if there was a branch failure (depending on how high up in the tree the failure was) it could cause damage to the S9 but for now I’ll just have to cross my fingers…  It made it safely through last winter and the wind storms of the summer (the tree not the antenna) and I feel that as long as the tree is standing the antenna will be fine but if the tree ever fails…. Well we can’t blame that on the antenna can we???

Later on today I’ll let you know how things went…  Due to poor planning on my part I have to go out today…  running a couple of errands and then slide my way home…  This can’t be put off as stop number 2 on the list is Shadow’s Vet where I have to pick up some of the special diet food he needs to continue on with us….  I miss counted the cans and opened the last one this am…  so …. its out for a road trip this am… and next time I will count a bit better or at least pay more attention…

CU later today


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