Monday PM – “Slushing” my way back home

Well thanks to the good people who clear the sidewalks and roads  in the City of Ottawa I managed to make it home after my unscheduled shopping trip…  Damp but not bruised…


If the temps were a bit colder I would expect that I would be still out there sliding around trying to get my errands done and most likely bruised as well…

It would not been a day for the electric Vespa however and so its still safely under the tarp in the backyard…  Our public transit service  OC Transpo got me to where I needed to be and home again with few issues other than the timetables being a bit off due to the weather conditions…

I had planned to try and get outside at least once for some portable operations this week and after looking at the Weather Networks Predictions    I am thinking that Wednesday might be my best bet so far…  It would be kind of neat as I am guessing that something will be happening by Wednesday and so a celebration of some sorts might be in order…  More on this in tomorrows blog post…


If you are in Eastern Ontario please try and stay dry (and safe) and anywhere else in the world stay safe and have fun…


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