Tuesday and its the same old….

The most recent precipitaion has turned to slush…  I’m actually thankful as its easier to walk in slush than slide on the sidewalks that are covered with freezing rain…

On to radio stuff…

I managed to make a couple of contacts on 17m this morning.  Not really rare DX but good enough to remind me that the radio/antenna combo do work…

The rarest contact this am however would be the one I made on 80m about 930am est with the Net Control Station on the ONTARS Net on 3.755.  Tony VE3AXW (Brantford Ontario)  had an excellent signal into Ottawa at at time that I normally can’t hear anyone west of Kingston.  I know he has a strong station but …. it was really working well this am…

On the topic of the ONTARS Net


Outside of heading outside to check the walk and add salt or sand as needed there is not much that I will be doing outside today…

Hope to hear you on the air later today….


And Santa if your listening….  How about a faster computer for my friends at LoTW so the backlog can get cleared up and we can get all of our DXCC and WAS credits figured out…


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