An early Christmas Present for me

So Thank You….

The question you might be asking is “For what???”

The answer is that just a few minutes ago this blog had its 100,000 th visit of the year… 

I’m not sure but I think its a good thing seeing that  it took me a few years to make my 250,000th visit and in less than one year I manage to get 100k.




dxcc phone

We talked about DXing, we talked about Rigs (The FT 5000 is still a very popular search engine topic here), we talked about contesting (and my excuses about poor showings) as well as how to fix RAC.  We never really got it fixed and its still around and so am I so I guess that one was a tie…  I still offer them money every year and they still accept it…  Nuff said on that one…

So after all is said and done…  I hope I’m doing it right…  You keep on coming back for more so I guess I am….

Thanks again for your support


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2 Responses to “An early Christmas Present for me”

  1. Hans Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Congratulations with the 100.000th visit!!
    Each day I look at your blog and I hope to do that for many, many years.
    Happy Seasons!
    73 de Hans, PE1BVQ

    • VA3QV Says:

      Thanks for your kind words Hans and your visits…

      The blog will be here until I run out of good things to write about our hobby… It should be here for a long while…

      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and as always the best


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