For the ARES/EMCOMM/SAR Groups out there…

I got this in my email inbox this am….  There are ARES/EMCOMM/SAR Groups out there who might be interested in the following:



Decisions [D4H] has announced a $15,000 public safety grant for US and Canadian response teams.
The intention of the grant is to provide a successful response team who does not already have software with the necessary tools to better manage all aspects of their organization.
The awardee will be provided with the ability to perform reporting that collects, monitors, and analyzes – equipment, training, and readiness working on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry) using the Decisions [D4H] Response Team software.
Applications close 28th February 2013.
Kind Regards & Happy Holidays
Marc Healy
US (650) 866 5922         UK 020 3432 0730         IE 01 525 2970


I’m not sure how it would apply to our part of the equation but if you don’t ask you don’t receive…


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