2 new QSLs from LoTW and some good news

So far LoTW is still moving forward…  I got 2 QSLs for contacts made over the American Thanksgiving period.  Thanks to Eugene AB4UG for the quick u/l of his logs…  Kinda shocked that he found the time….  seeing that…

The Twitterverse is just a buzzing with the big news….  Connie (NR4CB) and Eugene (AB4UG)  are two hams I met via the twitter medium…  You know Connie as the Bionic Nerd  and we met her when her great Canadian Tour took her to Iroquois Ontario for a BBQ back in the summertime…  Ok well she did visit lots of other places but…  It was great to meet the face at the other end of the radio….

eugene and connie

The story is here

Well this morning I wake up to find out that Eugene “popped the question” and they have a wedding planned for mid July 2013…  For the ham types with out a calender handy that would be after Field Day and about  2 weeks after the RAC Canada Day Contest…

Nice touch though….  Takes her on a cruise and then proposes….  and just before Christmas as well….

I know you join me in wishing them all the best…


As an afterthought…  why not send congrats to them via NTS….  Kinda like the old tradition of sending congrats out via telegrams (in the days before the internet) and that way they will have a written record of your best wishes…

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