Resolutions or Goals for the New Year

Last Year (actually December 31 2011 I made the following post:

So lets take a look at them and see how I did…

New Years Resolutions

As we start another year,  it is traditional to make some Resolutions or promises that one usually breaks concerning what we would like to do in the upcoming year…  Lose weight(I’m still FAT), Quit Smoking (done many years ago) be nicer to my fellow man/woman(oh well)  are some of the easier ones to make and also break.

Here are my resolutions as they pertain to Amateur Radio (as this is an amateur radio themed blog)

Spend more time enjoying my hobby-  On any given day I spend about 3 hours a day on some aspect of this blog.  Writing it, answering comments or doing research for it.  But very few times do I spend equal time making contacts on the radio.  I’m not sure if I can cut down the time spent on the blog or would want to as I do enjoy what I do, but I want to have a little more air time…  This resolution fits right in with this next one.

This was something I faltered a bit on.  I think in reality it was about a 50/50 split of my time between admin (the blog) and operating (actually playing radio).  THIS YEAR I aim to spend much more time on the air ….

Quit complaining about my hobby-  This especially applies to local clubs and National Organisations…  If I don’t like what they are doing I will just quietly not support them.  If they are doing that bad of a job there is no point b!tching about it…  Hit them where it hurts (in the pocket book) by not renewing your memberships.  They will succeed or fail depending on if everyone else shares your opinion.  If you were wrong and they continue,  then you can quietly renew your membership (albeit slightly late) and everyone is still happy.  Even if I’m not a member I can always say how good of a job they did on some issues.  But if I’m not happy I’ll just stay quiet as its less stressful that way and we all have to remember its only a hobby.

I believe that I was successful on this one…  I don’t think I picked on any group this year… Even if they deserved it…  Not every group made me happy but who am I to argue with the rest of the membership.  Once again this year I plan to keep my b!tching to myself.

Do something different in my hobby-  This year I really would like to participate in a DXPediton that did not involve me taking a City Bus to get there.  Granted there are lots of Islands or special event locations you can normally find in your back yard but…  I’m not getting any younger so if I am going to do something on my “Bucket List” I better get started on it now while I still can.  This year I am hoping to get an IOTA, CISA  or SOTA event under my belt if I can find something I can do without endangering myself of the SAR People who have to come and get me after… 

This was a complete success…  I managed to activate 3 SOTA Peaks, 1 county, and one Lighthouse this year.  5  DXPeditions that were not within the boundries of the City of Ottawa.  I left town to play radio and had a blast all 5 times.  Also in the case of the 3 SOTA Peaks did not need to be evac’ed during the event.  I had some good partners for all 5 events who took care of the new guy…  These 5 events were the highlight of my portable operating this year…

So for this year…  My major goal is to work on my QRP DXCC.  I have completed  my regular DXCC and am awaiting some confirmations for my WAS.  As of now I have 32 DXCC entities in my QRP Log and I am hoping to go for it this year.


newyearsresolutionsI also would like to expand on the local DXPeditons this year as well.  I think my first chance would be to operate from one of the rare areas for the two days of the Ontario QSO Party.  Once again (as always) there would be some logistical issues (transportation and accomadation) but it would be something to look into.

Last years day trip to Renfrew was great fun and also allowed our group to bring some wallpaper back.  (Congrats to VA3PCJ)  As all of these plans need warmth I beleive that the OQP might be the first event to aim for.

What else new for 2013?


There will be a new HF Rig in my future this year…  I’m just not sure which one yet…  I will be asking your opinion later in the season however….  Right now its a toss up between the Yaesu FT 950 (replacing the FT450)  and keeping the FT 817 as my portable rig or…..  The KX3 (replacing the FT817) and keeping the FT 450 as my home rig…    I am still flipping the coin on this one though….  If this is the hardest decision I have in 2013 its going to be a great year…

What this means for those of you who follow the blog??? 

There will be fewer posts as I plan to be operating portable more which means I won’t be sitting in the shack looking for things to talk about…  On the other side of things …  once I get back from wherever I have been operating from I will be updating the blog with interesting amateur radio related stories along with some pictures and videos of the fun I had while away…

We have a fantastic hobby and this year I just want to look at some different things about it…



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5 Responses to “Resolutions or Goals for the New Year”

  1. VE3CLQ Says:

    I too have made a resolution Bob……..It’s not to drink Whiskey on Wednesday evenings🙂

  2. VA3QV Says:

    But it goes down so smoothly…. I agree…. Not sure what night I learned my lesson on….but…

    BTW….Congrats Mr. President… I guess we will have to put the tablecloth on the Picnic table at Chillycon this year


  3. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Wishing you a very good 2013 Bob. Hope you will complete all the resolutions. It’s more important to make actual QSOs on the radio then only write about it. 73, Bas

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