Don’t forget to RTFM

Thats right…


Read the manual….

Coming up in the near future we have the SPAR Winter Field Day and some of the more Hearty (or stupid types like me) Operators will be heading out into the Field to show off what they can do….


This got me thinking back to my first SPAR Winter Field day  (Jan 2009)  when I made the following blog post after the unsuccessful event…


Now seeing that I had taken the time to get the equipment all set up for the Winter Field Day and I had taken the time to get myself all dressed up nice and warm for the Winter Field Day you think that I might of remembered to check the manual for the radio to see how much cold the radio can take…

If I had I would of seen the following:


Operating Temp. Range : -10 C to +60 C(+14 F to +140 F)


This lets me know that I was operating approximately 15 degrees Celcius below what Yaesu recommends for operating temps.  It was close to -25 deg Celicus in Hutton Park today…

That could explain why the transmit gave out and the receive gave out and to be honest nothing worked…

So in reality I got dressed up in my warmest togs and walked for 15 minutes to get to the park, to set up a 20m vertical delta loop (which seemed to work) just to be able to freeze up  my radio and then take down all the equipment and then walk back….

And to add insult to injury the two videos I recorded at the park to show you how everything was set up did not turn out.  I guess the camera has a minimum operating temp as well…  The first vid taken just as was leaving my QTH turned out and the video taken once I had unpacked everything at home turned out just the two taken at the park did not work….

Murphy wins this round!


Now I was lucky on that day as the FT817 and my video camera both defrosted with no major issues and are both still working 4 years later but….  Be careful out there with your toys as (it came as a shock to me) it can be actually too cold to play radio


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