North East Ontario Regional Directors Report for January, 2013

The following is  a cut and paste (published intact no editing) from Bill Unger VE3XT who is the Director for North East Ontario (ONN & ONE) for RAC

If you have any comments or questions please contact Bill direct at the email address he supplies…



North East Ontario Regional Directors Report for January, 2013

rac-logoI want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2013 is a good one for all of us. I hope you also got an opportunity to participate in the RAC winter contest this year. Unfortunately we were flying from Edmonton to Thunder Bay via Toronto on the red eye and by the time I got home after being up all night I was not in a contest mood. But I have the fall back position of “wait until next year”.

During the holidays I met briefly with Paul, VA3PC who was in Thunder Bay visiting family. He mentioned he is still looking for Bulletin readers for various parts of the province. If you check into a local HF or VHF net and want to help RAC this would be a great way to help. His email is

We are also now into the 5 year extension that RAC obtained for Ontario Amateurs. The actual amended Ontario Regulation 366/09 can be found at  It is recommended that hams in Ontario carry a copy of the amended regulation and their Amateur Radio certificate during mobile operations.

In my last Directors report I started to mention some of the benefits of being a RAC member and I want to continue this topic this month. I am not a great DX’er but I do work some with my QRP rig and send QSL’s to them. If you have priced an international stamp lately sending cards to the outgoing bureau is very cost effective. If you want to be DX and operate from a European country, you need to obtain a CEPT certificate available from RAC HQ.

If you looked closely at the last TCA you will see the audited financial report. For the first time in several years RAC is making a profit and will end the year of 2013 in the black with a small surplus. Canadian Amateurs are showing their support for RAC as we are still increasing our membership numbers. Thank you to all of you who join and continue to support RAC either as a Corporate, Regular or Maple Leaf Member.

We are planning to meet in Ottawa during the month of February to do some long term planning. I am asking for your input, where do you want to see RAC in the future? I envision a stronger RAC with more members and fiscal stability that allows us to speak to Industry Canada, Provincial Governments, Municipalities and other agencies to continue to move Amateur Radio forward in the future. Along with more members I hope we can have elections for positions as Amateurs will want to help RAC in a concrete way. Would you consider standing for a position in RAC?

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please email me at

Bill VE3XT

North East Ontario Regional Director, Radio Amateurs of Canada


mugThanks again Bill for including me on your email list so I can share this with the Amateur Radio Community every month…  Perhaps we can do coffee when you are in Ottawa in February…


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