US looking at HF comms for Emergency Situations

A friend of mine (tnx Don) sent me the following link.  Although it does describe plans in the United States to us HF communications as a backup in some cases I figure that if our neighbors to the south are doing it it should only be a matter of time (and much debate) before the same could happen up here…

The article also specifically mentions the role that Amateurs play and that our equipment could play in this new comms plan.  I quote from the article here…

“Hospitals in America rely on the hard work, patriotism and volunteerism of ham radio operators to be their emergency communications system,” said Stephen Meer, cofounder and chief technology officer (CTO) of Intrado. “This new network will greatly expand the capabilities available to hams during these times of crisis and will back up their efforts with an immediately available, sophisticated HF radio network interoperable with the E9-1-1 infrastructure. Hospitals and other critical agencies will have seamless, reliable, encrypted and redundant HF radio capability, giving them immediate connectivity to the outside world in the event of a disaster that renders their other communications systems unusable.”

Might be worthwhile giving the complete article  a read over….

The article is here

All though its not failing yet….  I am feeling a bit more confident about someone concidering the fact that it could fail…


If this plan takes off perhaps we will not have to work as hard to get some public service visitors at our annual field day events in the future…


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One Response to “US looking at HF comms for Emergency Situations”

  1. VE3CLQ Says:


    Down here in the “Counties” we have always had to rely on NVIS HF comms for emcomm work. There’s no way you can provide good comms with just a VHF radio here, the distances – North to South, are just too far, and we can’t rely on what few repeaters there are.

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