The Ontario Amateur Radio Service Net (ONTARS Net)

If your from VA2, VE2, VA3 or VE3 and we might include the North Eastern States) you probally have heard of the ONTARS Net.  They meet daily on 3.755 from 7am to 6pm 7 days a week or 365 days a year.  Normally they have a different controller for each daily hour slot but occasionally the net has to be put on auto pilot.

I am listening to the net today from my shack as I write this and its the nets birthday.

Jan 8th 1972 was the starting date and so today they have 41 years of service

When travelling around its always nice to know that there is a good chance of finding someone around….   I have checked into this net as VE3YBC/m, VA3RCS/m and VA3QV/m from many parts of Ontario over the years along from W3Land  during an extended visit with family in Eastern PA years ago.  I also have checked in to the net from my home in Ottawa since 1992 which would include the callsigns listed above.  In recent years VA3RCS/qrp/p and VA3QV/qrp/p have checked in from many locations across Ontario when I was out giving my FT817 some fresh air along with my W3EDP Antenna…

So thanks to all the Controllers from ONTARS who over the years have given so much to the Amateur Radio Community and so this is for you…




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