Some upcoming Portable events

Coming soon to an outdoor location hopefully close to you….


Saturday Jan 26-


This event can be a fun event if you plan things right…  I normally operate this event and I bring a larger than normal battery (usually about 10ah) to keep the FT 817 pumping out its massive 5w  of power into the atmosphere.


The radio does not need that much as most likely I will run out of warmth before the battery runs low on amps but its easier to carry a slightly larger battery than run home if the bands are open for a 2nd battery…


Remember as you are operating portable its often easier to carry more than run back…  So far there is a few operators thinking of joining me so it should be fun as it has been lots of fun in previous years.


Now remember the WFD is not a QRP event but I chose to operate QRP because I don’t see me dragging a sled with my FT450 and a 100ah marine battery to the park and back…


Its much easier to carry my QRP Station in my backpack especially as I don’t know how long I can operate for depending on the WX conditions


Saturday Feb 2

The ” FYBO”

This event is much the same as the WFD except that this event is QRP (mostly CW but they do tolerate SSB).  If you follow the links to the rules you will also notice that your operating temps are part as your multipliers.  This mean that the colder temps you have the highter multi you get…


So when I can only sit on the parkbench for two hours while freezing here in Ottawa I can make as many points as someone basking in the sun in Florida on the beach for 5 or 6 hours.  Its make things a bit more interesting…


However I would prefer to be warm for the 6 hours….


Both events can be lots of fun in you prepare for it…  Dress warm….  Dress in layers and remember if you think you are starting to feel the cold…  you are …. and its time to find someplace warm BEFORE Hypothermia sets in….


There will be more on these events in the near future….


DISCLAIMER–  If you chose to operate in either of these events remember that it can get cold out there and hypothermia can set in very easily.  Dress for the conditions and then add a couple extra layers….  USE COMMON SENSE…. and operate within your comfort zone.    Most of the  pictures I have shown you (above) were taken in a few different City Parks and all were within either a 5 minute walk to a Starbucks or a Tim Hortons so we could all warm up very quickly.  Please be careful out there and with all outdoor activities you participate at your own risk… 


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