The Canadian Ski Marathon is looking for operators

The following made it into my email inbox….



I would appreciate it if you would help me by spreading the word throughout your local ham radio communities. We are looking for radio operators.

Once again the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) is spooling up. This year is the 47th anniversary for the CSM. This will the 40th year for Amateur Radio supporting the event.

The CSM depends on ham radio volunteers to provide important and timely safety and logistical communication for the benefit of the skiers. The amateur radio CSM web page ( is up and running with 2013 information. The event runs between Lachute and Buckingham in western
Quebec – snow or shine.

If you would like to volunteer this year, please email Harold VA3UNK (,, Although I can’t promise anything, assignment requests are generally first-come, first-served.

Please join me the second weekend in February (09th-10th) and help make 47th our best year yet!

Bye for now,
Harold va3unk



Net Control at the Chateau Montebello

As I have mentioned over the years the CSM runs in an area that is still “Cellular Challenged” and so we are needed.  I honestly doubt that this event could happen without Amateur Radio.

If you can spare some of your time why not sign up?


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