Too cold for the Winter Field Day???

Well it might be….

If you check the Weather Network Website you will see that the best guess (prediction, forecast) for Saturday Jan 26th is a high of -14c and a low of -21c with a windchill of -23c


Now if you check the owners manual for the Yaesu FT 817 you find that -10c is the low end of the operating temps so I will be taking my radio out in conditions approximately 10 deg C colder than the good people at Yaesu recommend.  Now because years ago I did go out in the cold ( look way back here )  I know what can happen….

AGAIN SORRY… I hit publish instead of preview so….  Here is the rest of the post


So seeing that I have proven once you can freeze a radio (but not the operator) I am having some concerns about trying it again.  Granted I am thinking of replacing my FT 817 with a KX3 but I’m not sure  if I want to take a chance…  I still have a use for the FT 817 so….

I will be watching the weather predictions very closely before I commit to heading out


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12 Responses to “Too cold for the Winter Field Day???”

  1. mike Says:

    I’m not sure if my radio gear is rated down to -10c or not. . . . . but for outdoor games I’m quite sure that I’m not COMFORTABLY rated at that low a temperature.

    Mike WN5PMR
    Bainbridge Island, WA

  2. VA3QV Says:

    Hi Mike…. Thanks for the comments and the visit…. Dressing with lots of layers seem to help with the cold,,,, But I don’t think it will help the radio much… I used to operate with it in an isulated bag thinking the heat of the radio transmitting wold keep it warm enough… I was wrong…. Of course…. its a hobby and if its too cold for the radio then its going to be uncomfortable for me sooner than later so… lets save the radio (and the operator) and stay warm


  3. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Hi Bob, tnx for letting us know. I operate the Yaesu FT817 as well. Not as cold as you, but you never know what’s next. Never read such things in the manual. You always look at the frequency and power and sometimes how well it receives and what the modes are. But temperature….no. I guess with the temperatures you have there you better stay inside and plug your rig there. 73, Bas

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Bas….

      A couple of degrees either way could make the difference… will hope for something above -14c and i should be ok

      Thanks for the visit and the comment…


  4. ve3gna Says:

    Bob: Could you not operate the radio inside an insulated cooler with a hot water bottle? You only have to open the lid to QSY. The rest of the time only the mike and antenna cable exit the box so there is minimal heat loss. The other thing you could do is put it inside your parka somehow.

  5. ve3clq Says:

    Well, you could always come to Kingston and spend the weekend with us at the cabin on Leggat Lake…….that’s where we will be. We’ll look for you on 40m.

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Bill,

      Think next year I will head down to W4Land for WFD and the FYBO and complain about heatstroke and sunburn rather than frostbite and hypothermia…

      Will be listening for you on 40… good luck


      ps… that cabin have a wood stove???

      • ve3clq Says:

        Yes, it has a BIG wood stove🙂 Not sure if we’re using VE3FRG or VE3MNE, but I’ll have the guys listen for you.

      • ve3gna Says:

        Hey Bob right now there are spots in 4-land which are darn near as cold as here, HI. Well maybe not quite as cold. We are at -28C right now. What is it with Canadians? After we reach a certain age, we turn wuss and escape to warmer climes. Personally, I like having 3-1/2 seasons and would rather curl up under a blanket with my beloved than trek 1500 miles to get a sunburn.

  6. Bill VE3WSK Says:

    Bob, Env Canada doesn’t look any better and if there is any breeze at all it will be too cold for me. I can’t see operating my 817 inside my coat and my cw is bad enough in warm weather! Hopefully FYBO will be mild and sunny.

  7. VA3QV Says:

    Hi Glenn….

    I don’t like the cold wx… especially since the Doc put me on blood thinners…. but I can survive fine outside as I dress for the cold… HOWEVER when its 2 cold outside for my hobby gear…. might as well stay inside or head someplace warmer to play radio from… Liz would not mind if we went south for a short trip… Its been a few years since I last operated /w4 and it was fun…

    Besides…. I gotta have something to b!tch about


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