Weekend (lack of) results

Today was a treat…  It almost made up for my poor showing in the SPAR Winter Field Day event….

I checked my LoTW account and found that I was confirmed by  5T0SO on 4 bands ,  Soon after that I then checked my EQSL Account and found that I now had 4 new EQSLs as well…



This makes 104 confirmed out of 148 for my DXCC on LoTW or 71 of 148 for my EDXCC on EQSL. 

I did mention that my SPAR results were poor on the weekend and the main reason for that was apathy and what I guess is a poor chunk of coax.  I have been planning to get some new coax lines for a while now and after having trouble getting things to load up on the various bands I guess I should be doing it rather than planning to do it…

I am hoping to redeem myself this weekend in the FYBO  as the weather dude is guessing that it will be a bit warmer so I am hoping to get some radio time in before the Superbowl…


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One Response to “Weekend (lack of) results”

  1. ve3clq Says:

    No wonder we didn’t hear you on Winter Field Day. You’ll be proud of us…read my blog entry🙂

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