North East Ontario Regional Directors Report for February, 2013

The following was sent by RAC Director Bill Unger VE3XT who asked me to share it with you.  Posted here as a service to the Amateur Radio community.



North East Ontario Regional Directors Report for February, 2013
rac-logoOn February 15th, 16th and 17th the Directors, President Bawden and other Executive will meet in Ottawa for our annual meeting to discuss the future of Radio Amateurs of Canada. Now that RAC is out of the woods financially we want to ensure the future of the organisation both fiscally and on an operational basis.

I believe we have made all the cuts possible to reduce expenses and there are no more savings to be had so our task is to increase revenue for RAC. The first and most obvious way is to increase membership. I will be frank with you; it is a difficult sell to convince some Canadian Amateurs to join RAC. They have a million reasons why the membership is not worth the cost. Over the last few reports I have tried to list some reasons (including Insurance, Affiliated clubs, CEPT’s, QSL Bureaus, Antenna interventions, (insert your own favourite here _______________) and advocating for Amateur Radio to National, Provincial and Local governments.) Membership in RAC has value beyond TCA. I hope this may have convinced you to join RAC. And if you have joined thank you and would you consider asking a fellow Amateur to join as well. I envision a future of RAC where RAC will be a strong national voice representing all Canadian Amateurs who are also members of RAC. I hope you will be a part of this vision.

To obtain other sources of revenue the Directors will be recommending some thoughts to increase revenue in the future and after the meeting I will tell you about them. If you have an idea please send me an email.

We are also looking for input on changes to the way RAC is run from a governance point of view. What would you do to make RAC more in touch with its members and more importantly make it easier for members to be in touch with the executive. Remember when I get an email from someone saying “Someone should do (insert your idea here) and I always ask back, “Great can I call you somebody”. If you propose an idea I hope you will help bring it to fruition.

Speaking of how RAC is run, we are still looking for a Treasurer and other Executive positions. Have you just retired and have some skills that RAC can benefit from? Do you have a flair for fundraising or publicity? Send me an email and tell me.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Bill VE3XT
North East Ontario Regional Director
Radio Amateurs of Canada


rac-join today

As Bill mentioned if you need any more info please contact him direct via email…


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