This weekend– The New Hampshire QSO Party and Canadian Ski Marathon

According to the Port City ARC Website:

The New Hampshire QSO Party is sponsored by the Port City Amateur Radio Club (PCARC) to promote Amateur Radio activity within the State of New Hampshire.

Each year the NH QSO Party is held on the second full weekend of February.

This years QSO Party will be held Saturday February 9th 2013 from 11 AM til 11 PM and Sunday February 10th 2013 from 7 AM til 5 PM (1600 UTC Sat to 0400 UTC Sun, 1200 UTC Sun to 2200 UTC Sun)

New Hampshire QSO Party Rules (updated 2/11/2012)

CleanSweepNow for those of you in Eastern Canada or North East USA this should be an excellent contest to participate in…  You should be able to work this contest on 40 & 80m with no issues what so ever…  To start with there are only 10 counties in New Hampshire so the chances of sweeping all 10 would be fairly good.  Notice that I did not say fairly easy….

But if you spend some time and work on it…  fairly good…

The weather around Ottawa will be “seasonal” on Saturday but warm on Sunday (-2c) so I am thinking of operating from home on the Saturday as VA3QV (100W) and if the WX is as nice as they are guessing for the Sunday operate from my local park as VA3RCS (QRP) for a few hours…


Now from previous years you should of  remembered that the Canadian Ski Marathon is also this weekend.  The event starts on the Saturday am and finishes on Sunday.  The event runs from Lachute QC to Buckingham QC and runs in an area that is lacking dependable commercal communications.  Basically they need us and the communications services that we offer with Ham Radio.  Seeing that the Alaska Iditarod no longer uses us (Ham Radio)  for their communications :

Race Communications Volunteer

Five areas of race communications need volunteers.

(1) The Jr. Iditarod uses amateur radio operators (HAM radio) for communications.

(2) The Race Start and (3) Restart use cell phones and/or commercial radios for their operations.

(4) Race Headquarters Communications (HQ Comms) at the Millennium Hotel requires PC Windows experience and volunteers must be at least 18 yrs. old. HQ Comms operates 24×7 in 6-hour shifts, so 160 shifts are available for volunteers. HQ Comms volunteers are also needed for pre-race and post-race organizational duties beginning Feb. 16th.

(5) Trail Comms also requires PC Windows experience and volunteers must be at least 18 yrs. old. Trail Comms volunteers are assigned to checkpoints where conditions may be less than ideal: sleeping on the floor with assignments that vary from 4 to 14 days, without a shower. Teamwork is essential. Trail Comms prerequisites include HQ Comms and Race Stats experience and demand for physical activity. Volunteers assigned to comms will be notified of training dates.

… and we seem to be delegated to the “Jr” event it is nice to still be wanted…  Unfortunately this year I am unable to assist or better yet commit the amt of time needed by the marathon so I will not be able to particiapte.  I know that those who are able to supply the communications will do an excellent job and also do us proud…

So now you have two events to chose from….  if you are forced to be close to home as I am…. try and find some time to make some contacts in the NHQP and if you can spare one or two days…  The CSM is still looking for  some warm bodies…  You can check out the Radio Website for more information…

Either way it will be a good weekend…


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