Not a “Radio Active” weekend

Between the Canadian Ladies Curling Finals and the Daytona 500 I was hard pressed to spend any real time in the shack over the weekend…

STOH 2013

Congrats to the Team from the Ottawa Curling Club, who representing the Province of Ontario won the tourney and will be heading to the World Championships as “Team Canada”


cq_logoI did try for some contacts in the  CQ 160m SSB Contest  early on Sunday am but no luck…  I did however manage to hear stations calling CQ and making contacts in 6 states which in itself was a record for me.  No one heard my 5w signal however….


I was quite pleased with the fact that my QRP Autotuner was able to tune the 43 foot S9 Vertical on 160.  Most likely not the most efficient antenna system but it did allow me to hear others making contacts… Its the perfect match for my FT817…


This is one example of the “If I can hear em… I can work em...” not working for me…

Every now and again we have to strike out because hitting home runs every time at bat would be boring…


I am looking forward to participating in the ARRL International DX Contest  this coming weekend and hopefully getting more than a few new ones towards my QRP DXCC award as I seem to been stuck at 41 for a little while now…

Enjoy your week….


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