This makes it 3 for 3

Well again I managed to get KP2/K0BBS in the log from the US Virgin Islands…  Made the contact last evening and this morning when I wake up I have the confirmation via EQSL and LoTW.


This makes 3 contacts… The first was on 17m with a confirmation the following morning.  The 2nd was on 15m with the confirmation the following morning and the third was last night with the confirmation this morning… 

This is the way that we should be doing things in the 21st century.  We have the tools and I just wish we would use them…  You make the contact and then you upload your logs…  Uploading them to LoTW gives us the ability to work on our ARRL Awards in a more timely manner and if you also up load to EQSL it lets us print out the occasional QSL Card so we can brag about it at the next club meeting  (or here in a blog post)…  Whats wrong with that???


By traditions (unless it comes to buying new equipment) Hams are cheap…  If I was to send out 100 QSLs direct a month it would cost me a fortune and there is a chance that I won’t get a reply….  I can send out those same 100 QSLs via the bureau and there is a chance that I also won’t get a reply and it will take forever if I do get a reply…  The big issue is the confirmation because (with the exception of the QRP DXCC award) they want confirmations of your contacts and the fastest way without a doubt is either LoTW and EQSL…


In my case I send out a EQSL with every logged contact as its made.  My logging program (Ham Radio Deluxe) interfaces with EQSL and is configured to send out an EQSL as I make the contact.  I upload my logs on a daily basis to Logbook of The World so as long as LoTW is up and running properly it should be confirmed quickly after that…

Now I have nothing against all the Amateurs who have QSL on all the walls of their shacks or the many photo albums filled with cards…  Been there done that…  The basement flood of a few years ago took care of some of the boxes on the floor and the paint job on the walls took care of the cards…


Now its the LoTW and EQSL combo which works great for me…. 


I get the confirmations I need and the occasionial card I can brag about…  The best of both worlds…


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