Brewer Park and an Alexloop

The wx was just fantastic this am and when I was talking with VA3PCJ on the phone we decided that it would be great time to let our radios play in the park…  About one hour later we were setting up at Brewer Park (across from Carleton University) in Ottawa South…

We were set up at the south end of the complex near the pond


I brought my FT 817 and Jose brought his KX3… 



The antennas of choice for Jose was the S9 43 foot vertical for the KX3 (attached to the trailer hitch of his jeep) and I borrowed the ALEXLOOP that Jose picked up just before his trip to CX7Land…


This morning was the first time I have had a chance to use the Alexloop and I was impressed…  It installed with no effort what so ever and it took me a few minutes to get the tuning figured and and then I was making my first contacts…

The honour of contact 1 went to NU6L (Joe in Valley Center CA)  the contact was made on 20m ssb and according to it was a distance of approx 2330 miles.

The 2nd contact was with AC0ML (Ken in Marshfield MO).  It was also on 20m ssb and QRZ says the distance was approx 1050 miles…

The 3rd contact was with N8AD (Len in Erie PA)  This contact was made on 40m ssb and according to QRZ it was about 325 miles from the park to his place.  As Len does do some remote work I’m not sure where he was…  but his radio is in Erie…

The last contact (last but not least) was with VA3NP (Roy in Welland ON).  Roy was the NCS for the TP Net on 40m ssb.  This was my short contact of the day at approx 245 miles…

Now as you know my normal antenna of choice for daytime ops is my Par End Fed and the distances covered today were no better or worse than I would expect if I was operating with the Par.  Remember the antenna of the day was the Alex Loop on a camera tripod…  So nothing rare or exotic but it was sure easy to set up and operate.  I found it easy to tune (after the first time) and the contacts were easy to make…

I heard them….  I called them…  and they answered… 

It was a simple as that…  5w and a loop antenna about 2 feet above ground (ok mounted on a 2 foot high tripod) and it was easy to use….  Seeing that I still have to drink the koolaid and get a KX3… the Alexloop will not be heading to my backpack soon but I think it will be there in the future…  Just not the near future…

In the meantime get out there and play some radio…


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3 Responses to “Brewer Park and an Alexloop”

  1. Mike Says:

    Good morning Bob, great to see you had a go with the Alexloop. As yo know I have had mine for about a month now and really the time I have had to use it has not been to often…..or as often as I would to have liked. The conditions have not been all that great with the sun either. I did have it out on the long weekend but the batteries in the KX3 let me down. If the weather is good this weekend I may give it a go again. Maybe with the contest on contacts will be more common.

  2. Ray Says:

    Well said. Bravo! Your info has inspired me to go renew my license! There is one loop that I saw on sale for $299 or was it $249?; anyways, it’s the 3 foot wide Coaxial Alpha Loop. Saw on eham that their reviews go back several years…so perhaps their antenna is one of the best kept magnetic loop antenna secrets?

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Ray …

      Thanks for the visit, the comments and the kind words….

      If (when) Liz and myself get the newer (much bigger) RV and start full timing it…. I envision a remote loop (MFJ Style) on a small mast off the ladder on the rear for operating from those areas that the trees do no cooperate for a wire antenna.

      Althought I do not own a loop (yet) there is one in my future when the mobile shack is designed…

      Hope to get you in the log and welcome back into the hobby…


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