Turning into one of “Those Bloggers”

How have you all been?  It has been a while….

I was shocked to see that its been a month since my last posting… SORRY to those of you who follow (or used to follow) on a regular basis….

What have you missed???  Not much actually….

I did next to nothing in Field Day…  Was going to head out but we were rained out and I guess not that dedicated. I did spend a little bit of time getting soaked at the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Field Day Site (as its within walking distance of home) but that was about as good as it got


I did fire up the FT 817 along with a 20m Windom antenna and give out some Ontario Contacts in the RAC Canada Day Contest.  I operated QRP  20m ssb only and managed contacts with VO2, VE1, VE9, VE3 and VE4.   I will not have a great high score but I did have fun for the few hours I was able to spend along the the usual Family Stuff on Canada Day.  The BBQ was great though…


I have been out to the park a few times both with VA3PCJ and also just some solo work but there has been nothing rare to talk about…  I think some of you must be getting tired of  the usual went to the park…. set up the  817 and made some contact ….  and you all know my feelings on RAC and how everything else in the hobby is just fantastic so…. rather than give you the same old…  I figured that until I have something really great to talk to you about I would keep a low profile…  I have been tweeting a bit (follow me on Twitter I’m @va3qv) and if anything interesting is happening you should see it there which will normally give you a link to here so you can see what I am up to…  Failing that if you look up at the top right hand side of your screen you should/might see my twitter feed as well…

So whats up for the future???  Nothing rare in the works right now…  I try and get the gear out into the park once a week but normally the contacts are good but not rare…I haven’t heard any rare DX or distant stations in a while now but I normally don’t have any trouble working across Canada or any of the lower 48.  There will be no SOTA activations for me until I recover from my upcoming knee replacement (they have the technology…  they can rebuild me) but the Surgeon has not told me when that will be yet…  Only that I’m on the waiting list…  Once I have recovered from that I would like to test out his work before the warranty expires on the new parts…

For those of you who have asked (and I thank you for your concern) I am well…  or as well as I was when I was posting more frequently… Those of you who know me well might find this hard to believe but right now I just don’t have anything to say that I have not mentioned previously.  When I do you will be the first to know…





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4 Responses to “Turning into one of “Those Bloggers””

  1. VE3CLQ Bill Says:

    I was getting concerned at the lack of “QV Blogging” and was going to phone you to see if all was OK. Glad to see you’re just having a lazy summer. Hope you’re up to attending Chillicon !!🙂

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Bill….

      Should be up to a day trip at Chillycon again this year… See the orthopedic Surgeon on the 27th of August…. He is supposed to give me the estimated date of the surgery then…. Doubt it will be much before November…

      Its been a great summer so far…. and I am finding lots of time to play radio…. Just nothing rare enough to talk about….

      Thanks for the comments and the visit…


  2. Graham ve3gtc Says:

    I was just thinking of you the other day. Good to see you are well even if you are need of some minor tune-ups.

    My knees (and hips) are started squeak and crack too. It sucks getting old😉.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

  3. VA3QV Says:

    Hi Graham….

    Things are fine with the exception of the left knee… That got messed up pretty bad back in 1968… Still got the scars there…. Hopefully the upcoming parts exchange will make moving around a lot better for the next decade or so…

    Thanks for the visit and the comments…


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