Finally something to talk about

Well I did say that if I had anything interesting to share…  I would…

Yesterday afternoon Jose VA3PCJ and myself decided to take the toys out to Brewer Park and get some fresh air for a few hours…


I took my FT 817 along with the home brewed W3EDP end fed antenna and Jose has his Elecraft KX3 (drool drool) and his Alex Loop portable mag loop…



Well I’m not sure if I was having troubles but the DX Ghods were not smiling on me that afternoon…  However VA3PCJ had a nice CW contact with a QRP station on 20m…  so the bands were cooperating…  But they didn’t work for me…

However one nice thing was…  We had a visitor….  It was the standard ” I gotta ask…  what are you doing??” and we explained it was a Portable Amateur Radio setup….  Our visitor then introduced himself as a Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa Newspaper) and he was doing a series of stories on Summer Activities in the Ottawa Area…  We had a nice chat and he took notes and a few pictures and so perhaps in the near future I might be sharing the link to the article with you

On to other stuff about radio…

Years ago (bout 3 I think) I experimented with an 88 foot doublet antenna fed with 300 ohm twinlead….  Well poking around in a box in the basement I found it again (and the homebrewed 4:1 balun) that I built to go with it….  This afternoon should see me walking over to Hutton Park (Saunderson and Smyth rds) in Ottawa South East and seeing if it still works….

What the heck…  It does give me something to do for an afternoon…

Hope you are enjoying your summer


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4 Responses to “Finally something to talk about”

  1. Mike Says:

    Good afternoon Bob, well not always do we catch fish when out fishing….but it can get frustrating when you setup and then get no contacts. Well that was very cool that a reporter came by as well.

  2. Martin Gillen (@va3sie) Says:

    The citizen article is here:\

  3. We made the Ottawa Citizen | VA3QV's Weblog Says:

    […] You might remember back on July 12th when I mentioned in my posting: […]

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