Getting ready to play

illw_logoAs you might remember this weekend is the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW) event.  Last year VA3PCJ and myself operated from the Sand Point Lighthouse in Braeside Ontario.


Due to some minor health concerns on my part (DARN I hate getting old) it has been decided that this year I should stay a little closer to home till the good Doctor can confirm that the aches and pains are indeed not as serious as they feel..


So for this years event I will be participating with the members of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club as they operate from the Cape North Lighthouse which has been relocated to the grounds of the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

We will be using the OVMRC Club call of VE3RAM


Above VE3EUS getting ready to get the dipole in the trees…

The lighthouse is located approx 500m from my home location so its fairly close to home…

The Museum as its been in my backyard longer than I’ve been an Amateur has also been the location for many operating events…



Its been a great place to play over the years…

So again this year with my old friends from the OVMRC the lighthouse will be activated again…  The club will have its trailer parked close to the lighthouse and there will be several stations set up.  Voice and CW … QRP and QRO… we will be there giving out contacts…  Not sure what the rigs will be but I know my FT 817 will be there and a couple of KX3s would not shock me as well.  It will be chance to sit down and talk to old friends and also some new friends…

Hope to give you the chance to get a lighthouse in your log over the weekend…


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