SOTA Thursdays… SOTA Activation

As most of my Amateur Radio followers know SOTA stands for:


Summits on the AIR


Above Left VA3SIE and VA2EPR right Activating Summit at Mte Ste Marie Quebec in September 2012.

In reality what happens is that a number of Amateur Radio Operators head up to a summit of a Mountain and operate for a period of time and makes lots of contacts on the different Amateur Radio Bands…

Some Summits are higher than others and some are much more difficult to reach than others.  

So far I have activated 3 summits in the last 2 years.  I have activated Mont Morrisette QC, Mount Rigaud QC and also Mte Ste Marie QC.  In addition I have operated from the top of Mt Foymount Ontario as well as from the top of King Mountain QC but the last two are not recognized as qualifying for SOTA.

So now after our little trip down memory lane lets get back to present times:

This Thursday…September 19th  VA3PCJ and myself should be leaving Ottawa around 0900 and heading north into VE2Land to re active Mont Morrisette QC.

The SOTA Designation for Mont Morisette is VE2-OU-014


Follow VA3PCJ-7 or VA3QV-7(just input either call and SSID into the search box and it will do the rest)  on and you should be able to see how we are doing in our travels and also when we arrive on the summit…

We are both expecting to be operating on whatever bands are open between 10m and 40m.  In addition I will be bringing a 6m dipole which also loads up really well on 2m and I will happily give out the FN16 Grid Square to who ever I can contact.  I will be operating with my Yaesu FT 817 with the Par QRP Multiband antenna along with the vhf dipole and Jose will be there with his KX3 and his AlexLoop for an antenna



Its expected that we will be on the air from 1200 to 1500  EDST (1600 to 1900 UTC) and active close to the following frequencies depending on band conditions:

7.185, 14.285, 14.342, 18.155, 21.350, 24.955, 28.420, along with 144.200 and 50.125 SSB VA3QV op

7.030, 7.122, 10.106, 10.116, 14.060, 18.096, 21.060, 24.906. 28.060 CW VE3DTI op
QSL by operators callsign via LoTW or EQSL


Attempts will be made to self spot on QRPSPOTS via APRS but no guarantees so if you hear us or work us… Please spot us on QRP Spots and SOTA Watch


I prefer the Yaesu VX8gr  (on the left) and Jose likes the Kenwood TH72 (on the right)

Watch my beacons (VA3QV-7) as the beacons will be telling you what band/mode  I am currently operating on from the summit.  You know approximately where I will be on that band already.

Hope to get you in the log…


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7 Responses to “SOTA Thursdays… SOTA Activation”

  1. VE3CLQ Bill Says:

    Psssssst…….this Thursday is the 19th……not the 17th😉 We’ll be listening for you Bob…..on Thursday the 19th.

  2. VE3EMB Michel Says:

    I will bring the KX3 and buddistick to work. I will try to contact you and earn chaser points during lunch time on 40 or 20 from the roof of my building. Good luck!

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Michel… Given the aprox distance between Carleton U and the Summit is about 60miles (100kms) I am hoping to get you on 7.185 lsb as I think we will be too close for 20m…
      Wish you could be up there with us…

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