Oct 17th – Part 2 – In the Field

Earlier I had mentioned that VA3PCJ and myself had talked locally on 10m and then on the phone to set up one of our “Spur of the Moment” trips to the park.  Just before 2pm (1800 utc) we were on our way over to Brewer Park and as always we set up by the parking lot close to the Ball Diamonds and just north of the pond…

The gear for the day was my FT817 along with the LDG QRP Autotuner and the Par End Fed antenna.




This is the QRP version and works on 10m, 20m and 40m with no tuner needed but will work  on 12m, 15m and 17m without the tuner working too hard.

Thanks to a cooperating tree branch I was able to have the antenna set up in a vertical configuration.  Did it ever make a difference…


Jose was using his Elecraft KX3 along with his DK9SQ loop antenna.  This is not a mini mag loop but a full size 20m loop…  Check out the link for more information. The loop was fed by an Elecraft T1 QRP autotuner at the balun on the loop…

The above pic shows the basic support structure of the loop but you really need to see one set up in person…


The above pic shows how the mast of the DK9SQ is being supported by the Jeep

Oct_17_VA3PCJ_BrewerPark1Although its very hard to see,,, the small blob at the top of the picture just below the horozontal supports for the loop is the Elecraft T1 Autotuner


Above is a shot of the VA3PCJ operating position with the KX3/cw key and the power box


Above Pic is the Elecraft T1 autotuner…

I started out on 10m and I heard a very strong signal coming in from KG4WV located at Guantanamo Bay (Cuba)


This 10m ssb contact is the 2nd time that “Bill” has found his way into my log.  The first time was 51 weeks ago (FT450/S9 43 foot vertical/ 100w) and this time was with my FT817/ Par End Fed and 5w.  This is a New QRPDXCC for me and so I am now sitting at 70  with 30 more to go…


Getting closer to my goal…

According to QRZ.com this contact was just over 1750 miles due south of Ottawa.  Earlier in the day I had heard stations working Bill on 10m but was unable to hear him.  This time he was 5/9 and it was a great contact.

Next I jumped down to 40m and made a local contact with Shawn VE3PSV who was controlling the Trans Provinical Net on 7.055 (remember the Canadian Bandplan.  Shawn lives in Cambridge Ontario which is just west of Ottawa by about  270 miles so its not exactly Groundwave or DX…  If you are used to the ECARS net on 7,255 or the MidCars net on 7,258 the Trans Provincial Net or the TPN as we call it is our version of it… Shawn has been doing an excellent job of trying to keep things running when there is a lack of control stations due to the unpredictable band conditions on 40m recently.

After that I switched over to 20m and heard KK4FZI John calling CQ on 14.260.  He had a booming (really loud signal) from his QTH in North Carolina. If John had updated his QRZ Page I might of been able to show you some pics of what he described to be a great hilltop station but for now you will have to take my word for how his station is… The contact was just under 700 miles and he was amazed at how good my 5w was doing from Ottawa but I do believe his station (as always) was doing most of the work… Both Jose and myself worked him as a test of the rigs…  John had a friend who owns both rigs (817 and a kx3) and so he wanted a comparision side by side so to speak test…  My audio was louder (everyone knows I am a loud SOB) but the KX3 had a clearer audio…  No suprises there…

During this same time we were joined by a friend of John;s in the midwest but I must of copied his call down incorrectly as QRZ could not find him and we were also joined by S51IV Zorko from Slovenia who could hear both Jose and myself along with John.  This contact was at a distance of just under 4100 miles… and so we chatted for a couple of minutes before the sprinkling of rain reminded the Brewer Park hams that the WX report for later was WET and that perhaps it was time to shut down, pack up and head home before we got soaked…


Above… my afternoon contacts…

We made it back to my place close to 1630 edst or 2030utc and it was the end of a great afternoon…


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3 Responses to “Oct 17th – Part 2 – In the Field”

  1. A couple of “New Ones” in the log | VA3QV's Weblog Says:

    […] “Gitmo” before  10m QRP SSB from Brewer Park in Ottawa back on October 17th 2013.  (Yes I blogged about it so you refresh your memory here).  The problem was back then that the operator of the station KG4WV was not (and still is not) on […]

  2. Thor Says:

    Bob, I stumbled on this post while I was searching for a source for spreaders for my DK9SQ loop antenna, and was surprised to see a photo I recognized! The 5th picture down of a DK9SQ loop on a mast up against a fence, the one behind a red deck. That was taken in my back yard when I lived in Illinois. I don’t mind or care, I am just curious where you found it? That was so long ago, I’d forgotten all about it.

    – Thor (previously N9IK)

    • VA3QV Says:

      Hi Thor and thanks for the comment and the visit….

      Google found the pic of your setup for me…. I needed a good pic to show the design of the loop and the ones I took at the park just did not show enough detail…

      VA3PCJ still has his loop and it does get some use…


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