A few more contacts before the Sweeps

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the shack but the QSO rate is not that high…  On the bright side of things… more bells and whistles are now running with the Flex than were before…  Managed to make some contacts across North America and also into Europe with few issues.  Slowly but surely its all starting to come together…

I’ve not got Ham Radio Deluxe running with the Power SDR software which gives me the same setup that I have had with my other radios here in the last year.  I am still having some issues with that darn “Virtual Audio Cable”  (VAC) but then again as I am not a digital mode operator I’m not sure if I ever had that set up right before.



I hope (plan) to spend some time on the Flex this weekend giving out some contacts in the ARRL Sweeps…  I’m guessing even a QRP station giving out Ontario East (ONE) would be welcome as if you don’t get ONE in your log …. no clean sweep…



As a QRP station with a Wire for the low bands and a vertical for the higher bands I don’t really think that a Sweep in the picture for me but I think that I have a pretty good chance of being in anyones log who makes a sweep.

popgunQRP Station (5w max)


Low Power Station (150w max)


Hi Power Station (1500w max)

SS-80 logo

However on Sunday afternoon the Big Guns will be listening very closely for any Pop Guns who might be lucky enough be be in a ARRL/RAC Section that is needed…  Ontario South and the GTA have a fairly high concentration of contesters (strong low power stations and high power stations) but in Ontario East and Ontario North…  good operators and equipment but less of them…

Hope to get in your log over the weekend…


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2 Responses to “A few more contacts before the Sweeps”

  1. Graham ve3gtc Says:

    Good morning Bob,

    Glad to hear you are coming to terms with your new Flex 1500. I’m tempted but I still like radios with knobs and dials that don’t have to be hooked up to a computer of any kind. That is not to say that I don’t think SDR has a place as it certainly does.

    Good luck in the Sweeps. I missed the CW sweeps a couple of weekends ago and I usually play in the SSB one, I find them “noisy”.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

    • VA3QV Says:

      Good morning Graham…

      I agree with you about the knobs ….

      I am very pleased with the RCV section with the flex and it seems to easily stack up against most rigs in that dept… Check out:


      BTW… I kept the 817 and it still will be the rig of choice for heading out to the park till the day it no longer powers up…

      BUT… the quality of the RCV with the 1500 means that its a keeper and all I have to do is improve on my antennas here at home and it will get heard as well as it hears…

      Hope to hear you in the Sweeps…


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