Did not need a broom for the “Sweeps”

Well the contest is over…

For me the highlight of the contest was being given 2 tickets to the Ottawa Senators Hockey Game on Sunday afternoon which meant I had to take a break from contesting…


and even then the Blue Jackets beat the Sens 4 to 1.  But the seats were excellent… (Thanks Stu)

It gave me an excuse (another excuse) for the poor showing from VA3QV …

SS-80 logo


So heres what happened…

biggunThe first thing is that all the “Kilowatt Contesters (the Big Guns)” and the “Stronger Popguns” were just stomping the heck out of my mighty 5 watts.  I really had troubles getting heard…  First session ran for 3 hours and I gave up after 5 contacts…  I came back after supper and made a couple more then gave up…

Early Sunday morning was a bit better and I made a few more then I had to head out to the hockey game…  When I got home ofter the game I tried a few more times but still no joy…

What I did notice is that I could hear way more than what I could talk to… The filtering in the Flex 1500 was giving me a “Contest Quality” receive but unfortunately with a vertical and a long wire (no beams) I just could not get the 5w XMIT to perform as good as its ears…


So I ended up with only 13 contacts in 11 sections….  However as they were from the east VY2 (Prince Edward Island) and VE9 (New Brunswick)  to VE4 (Manitoba).

The exchanges went from:

1Q VA3QV 91 ONE ____to_____ 14Q VA3QV 91 ONE

Needless to say my logging program did not run out of memory in this contest…


Combined with some West Coast Contacts made before the contest,  I am pleased with the audio, power and receive setup and now I must improve on my antenna and feedline to improve my signal.  Seeing that I appear to have a few days before the snow lands again (its plus 10C today in Ottawa) I plan to keep the long wire up and swap out the Cushcraft for the S9 vertical and see if that improves anything.


Now this is nothing against the MA5V, but due to where I can mount it as it does have some radials I can’t raise it any higher without it getting tangled up with the branches on my Maple Tree where as I can run the 43 footer up along side the Maple Tree and have the radials just lying on top of the ground…

So now I have around 40 days to get the antenna system upgraded before I participate in the RAC Canada Winter Contest but… no procrastination this time…  Over the next few days the Cushcraft will come down and I will be installing the S9 and hope that this gives me the slight improvement I am looking for so when I blog about what happened in the Winter Contest… its on a more positive note…


Maybe next year…


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