Its been a “Good” Weekend…

Right off the bat…

If you are in the part of the world that celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend…  I hope it was a great time for you…  As you know up here in the “Nice” part of North America we celebrated our Thanksgiving early in October because we know enough not to try and travel much in Canada at the end of November… We prefer ours when its safer to travel…


But I do hope you enjoyed yours…

The radio report is that although I did not make that many contacts with the Flex this weekend I did manage to increase my WAS count with a good contact on 40m SSB to Rhode Island which has already been confirmed on LoTW as well as EQSL.  Sunday early evening I managed to work Puerto Rico on 10m SSB which brought me up to 76 QRPDXCC entities in the log.  24 to go… A couple of good openings and I should have it done…  I am hearing lots of DX stations out there but the receive on the Flex is so good that I can’t always work what I hear as there is a limit to how far I can stretch out a 5w SSB signal…  Its hard slogging but I am enjoying what I get…


map updated December 1st

Its only a matter of time until I backfill the 4 remaining states (already worked them but not getting the confirmations I need) and then the WAS will be completed.    With any luck during the ARRL 10m Contest later this month I might be able to add the remaining 4 states and even add a couple of new ones to the DXCC list…


With the weather getting colder and snowy in Ottawa right now I have no portable ops planned so the time not spent on the Christmas List (shopping etc) will most likely get spent in the shack… 



I am planning to participate in the RAC Canada Winter Contest later in the month and hope to get you in the log for that…

Stay warm and dry…


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