Giving out points in the ARRL 160m contest

No don’t clean your glasses or the monitor screen… Yes the ARRL 160m contest is a CW contest and you did read correctly…  Its no biggie…  I just decided to play with some software and see what would happen… 


I got < 5/9 reports> oops make that 5/9/9 reports easily on 160m using the Flex 1500 along with my LDG QRP autotuner working like heck to find a match on my 65 foot long end fed inverted Vee… So far got two VE3 stations in the log and one VE2…  Not sure if the reports were honest but they did hear the 5w cw signal coming out of Ottawa


I am using the built in computer keyer in the Flex to send out the necessary exchange and I am using CW Get to help out my tired ears. 


Its been a while… no make it a long while since I have had to copy any CW so between the computer decoder for the good CW and my ears for the rest of it I am able to get a few in the log…  It still not my favourite mode but it is a way to spend a few hours in the shack and give out some points to those who take this contesting more seriously than I do…

Still having a bit of an issue getting the logging program (N1MM) to talk to the system so I am having to paper log and then enter the contacts manually after… something I am doing wrong with the Virtual Com Ports on my laptop…  It works fine on my desktop but the sound card is blown on the desktop so I can’t run the decoding program on that one so i switched over to the laptop for the contest…

With any luck I will have everything working as it should for the RAC Canada Winter Contest later this month

Anyways… enjoy your weekend and have fun


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7 Responses to “Giving out points in the ARRL 160m contest”

  1. Michael (VE3WMB) Says:

    OMG … VA3QV on CW … who would have thought ! Great job Bob ! BTW I saw your comment on VE3HG’s blog about missing the knobs, with the Flex-1500. I use a trackball that has a scroll ring around the ball … just like having a tuning knob.

  2. VE3CLQ Bill Says:

    VA3QV on CW!!!!! Jeez, get your $$ on the Leaf’s boys they’ll probably win the cup this year!!🙂

    • VA3QV Says:

      Who woulda thot eh Bill… The new generation of radios makes it easy… The computer decodes it and I have the Flex Keyer pre programmed with the exchange… works good for contests but probally would suck at ragchewing stuff… Willing to bet that at least one of the stations i worked ( I know 2 of them) will be reviewing their logs and questioning if they got the QV call right…

      GOlf Leafs GOlf….


  3. Graham ve3gtc Says:

    Good on you Bob.

    Variety is the spice of life. Next thing you know, you will be reporting of your exploits on PSK31 or RTTY.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

    • VA3QV Says:

      Thanks Graham….

      Got to learn how to use those modes first I guess…. But it might help me with a few more multis in the RAC Winter Test though…

      Next step though is getting the logging program to talk to the Power SDR program so the time and frequency info can be passed between the different software packages like it does in HRD so I can log faster… transcribing paper logs after the fact is not an efficient use of my time…

      Its still fun and its still a steep learning curve…


      • Michael (VE3WMB) Says:

        Bob :

        I use N1MM with PowerSDR via VSPmgr. What are you using to create virtual serial ports on your system ?

        Michael VE3WMB

        P.S. You can use N1MM in manual mode by typing in the frequency of the band in KHZ into the callsign field (I think). (i.e. for 160m you would just type in 1800 and then you are good until you need to change bands).

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