Good news from ALEXLOOP

I’m sure that as followers of this blog you must be (by now) aware of my respect for the AlexLoop Portable antenna.  It comes as a very good performing Portable antenna that is easy to set up and make contacts with.  VA3PCJ and a few others locally are using them with their KX3’s and I have seen the results…




Now from Alex (via youtube) comes the following news… He has built a remote tuning controler that will work to remotely auto tune the ALEXLOOP when you change frequencies…  So far its in the testing/developement stages but I am looking forward to seeing it out in the retail market at some time.

Although loops are pricy when you buy them….  They are really no more expensive than the other “Top of the Line” portable antenna systems (and the BuddiPole line of products come to mind here)  Many times I have commented in this hobby you get what you pay for…  And if you want excellent portable antennas that have proven themselves then in my opinion your list would have to Buddipole and Alexloop at the tops of them…


Above- the current AlexLoop showing portability

Below- The Buddipole showing portability


But anyway….  I have used them both and liked them both… but take a look at the above video and start to say oh wow…


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