To QRP or not to QRP?

While checking out some of the blogs on my Blog Roll (right hand side of your screen) I came upon this excellent article from N6PSE. It caught my attention with the “I love QRP Graphic” and then when reading it… well to keep it short I felt it was worth sharing with you.
As I am (as you know) also a QRP Operator (for different reasons) I did find it interesting….
One comment though…. If more DXPeditons took a couple of minutes every hour and called for “QRP Only” then perhaps… part of his troubles would not be there… but I do agree with following the DX Stations instructions to the letter… He is there for me… I am not there for him…
Anyway… Please enjoy the article


In ham radio, QRP operation means transmitting at reduced power levels while aiming to maximize one’s effective range. Generally power is kept at five watts or less. QRP can be fun and exciting under the right circumstances. I’ll never forget the fun I had on the bands during 1992. My Yaesu FT1000MP’s PA went out and the rig would only put out 8 watts. The band conditions at the time were very good, and I was having a blast working the entire world on ten meters with little difficulty.
Fast forward to today and QRP is done a little differently. Some QRP operators see themselves as a special class of operators who have handicapped themselves for various reasons. Imagine running on only one leg during a foot race. QRP operators are often found in big pileups for rare DX. They are competing with stations running 1,500 watts (or more). The…

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