Looking back at Field Day 2013

Its almost Christmas so it must be time to talk about Field Day… Actually it would be more in season to talk about Winter Field Day which will be coming up sooner but…  Once you read my offering you will see what I am talking about…


It seems that every time I talk to a non QRP’er about an event or a result I seem to hear the same old line…

“Lifes too short for QRP” and normally used in the same sentence is “Go big or go home”…

So rather than argue about it I just thought I would let some very well documented facts speak for themselves in this matter…  They are not being presented to argue about… They are just being presented to prove a point….


All data presented here comes from the ARRL Results Database for Field Day 2013


Canadian Results

VO1/VO2- Newfoundland and Labrador–  3 stations- 1 QRP- QRP Station came in 2nd overall in section

VA1/VE1/VE9/VY2- Maritimes- 5 stations- 0 QRP

VA2/VE2 Quebec- 23 stations- 3 QRP- QRP station came in 7th overall in section


VA3/VE3 Ontario East (ONE) 16 stations- 4 QRP stations- QRP stations came in 1st and 2nd overall in section

VA3/VE3 Ontario North (ONN) 3 stations – 2 QRP stations- QRP stations came in 2nd and 3rd overall in section

VA3/VE3 Ontario South (ONS) 21 stations- 4 QRP stations- QRP Station came in 9th overall in section

VA3/VE3 Ontario (GTA ) 8 stations- 2 QRP stations- QRP Stations came in 3rd and 6th overall in section


VA4/VE4 Manitoba- 3 Stations – 0 QRP

VA5/VE5 Saskatchewan– 4 stations – 1 QRP- QRP Station finished 4th overall in section

VA6/VE6 Alberta– 9 stations- 2 QRP – QRP Stations finished 1st and 6th overall in section

VA7/VE7 British Columbia– 29 stations- 3 QRP- QRP Station finished 9th overall in section

According to the Results Database there were no entries received from the Northern Territories this year (VY1/VE8/VY0)  I know there were some participating but for whatever reason their Logs were not in the database…  The same could be said for the rest of the Sections that a group did not submit their logs which could change what I am trying to say here… But here goes….


With the information that we have at hand you have to agree that the QRP Stations (5w maximum output) seemed to hold their own against the 100w and higher power stations…


And in a few sections actually showed that “Size did not matter”….

QRP… Doing more with less….


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