Back to Basics for the RAC Canada Winter Contest

Had some issues with the Flex 1500 yesterday that has me a bit confused….


NO OUTPUT ( that I can detect at least)

Last time I had these fears after taking the radio over to a local Flex Guru to get checked out it was determined that if I re installed the software everything would be all right and sure enough it was…. I was back to making contacts and even made a few CW contacts with it (if you read back a few posts)…

However this time after doing the re-install on the software… no joy…  and no apparent RF…

Its a bit confusing as I was not messing around with stuff…  made contacts on one day and made nothing the next day…  same antenna, same tuner… same Flex 1500…

So the first step after software to to re install the FT 817 back in its old place in the shack so I can participate in the RAC Winter Contest next weekend … Everything is working fine there with the old school toys there and I will be “Radio Active” for the contest…


In the mean time the Flex is back in its box and I will be doing some reading along with installing the software on a stand alone computer (Dell Laptop) so I can try software changes and setting changes without risking the shack computer…  After that it will be a last resort visit to someones place ( a few Flex’s here in town) for a swap out to see if it works over there… if it works there and not here then it will be a head scratcher but then it would not be the first time that Murphy has visited my shack over the years…  No point in getting the blood pressure up and to be honest there is just too much stuff to do over the Holidays so…  as long as I have a radio to use (FT817) for the contest all is good (so to speak)

I’m crossing my fingers that its operator error, but as I did not mess with anything I’m not sure how I could of <Censored> up and done anything wrong…

Although its still receiving fine…. I also would like it to talk…

Not blaming the rig on this one (yet) as my computer skills are lacking and I was warned about something like this…. but it was working great and I was honestly impressed…  Not a biggie if I have to sent it out to get checked  as I have confidence in the Service Dept at Radioworld … Over the years I have been treated well there…. and its under Warranty as its a new radio…

Perhaps its getting homesick and just wanted to go and visit its brothers and sisters back in the Radio Store in Toronto…  You know “Home for the Holidays”… but due to my mistrust of Canada Post, even if its defective it won’t be shipped till early in the New Year…


I’ll look at it when I can find the time… Right now getting everything ready for Santa’s arrival is more important…


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