Getting ready for the Canada Winter Contest

Normally at New Years we would be saying “Out with the old and in with then new…”  This year its “Out with the new and back in with the old…”


For reasons I can’t explain other than admitting operator error I can’t get the Flex 1500 to play nicely with my computer using Power SDR (The most recent version)  I was able to make a contact with it but its acquired a 3 second lag between key up and transmitting…  It has to be my fault, but damned if I can figure out how to fix whatever I messed up when trying the configuration.


At this point its just easier to take the Flex out of line and go back to the FT817 for one more event than have my blood pressure go “Tilt” and just not enjoy what I am doing…  I’ll take some Valium or something equally as relaxing and look at the problem (and solve it) in the New Year…


Although its frustrating….  Its still a hobby and I would rather have fun making contacts than argue with a computer…

Hope I get a chance to work you in the contest


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