2013- So how did I do?

If you take a look back in the archives to the beginning of the year I made a few statements… almost like Resolutions… of things I would like to accomplish in 2013… Lets take a look at them and see how I did…

1- So for this year…  My major goal is to work on my QRP DXCC.  I have completed  my regular DXCC and am awaiting some confirmations for my WAS.  As of now I have 32 DXCC entities in my QRP Log and I am hoping to go for it this year.

QRP-DXCC-ARRLNot yet but getting closer

Well, this part would have to be considered a success…. Although I did not obtain my QRPDXCC this year my total at the end of 2013 is 76.  Any year you can get 44 new DXCC entities in the log I would say that its one heck of a year…

2- I also would like to expand on the local DXPeditons this year as well. I think my first chance would be to operate from one of the rare areas for the two days of the Ontario QSO Party.  Once again (as always) there would be some logistical issues (transportation and accomadation) but it would be something to look into.  Last years day trip to Renfrew was great fun and also allowed our group to bring some wallpaper back.  (Congrats to VA3PCJ)  As all of these plans need warmth I beleive that the OQP might be the first event to aim for.


This one was not a success but not a fail…  I managed lots of Portable Operating this year but not as many were outside of Ottawa as I would have liked.  I think the best one of the year would have to be the SOTA Activation of Mount Morrisette with VA3PCJ in the summertime…


3- There will be a new HF Rig in my future this year…  I’m just not sure which one yet…  I will be asking your opinion later in the season however….  Right now its a toss up between the Yaesu FT 950 (replacing the FT450)  and keeping the FT 817 as my portable rig or…..  The KX3 (replacing the FT817) and keeping the FT 450 as my home rig…    I am still flipping the coin on this one though….  If this is the hardest decision I have in 2013 its going to be a great year…


Out with the old…

This one took a little bit more time than expected but after much deliberations….  The FT 450 left the shack to a new home and I replaced it with the Flex 1500 QRP SDR (Software Defined Radio)  This has been one heck of a learning process and although it is a FANTASTIC Radio… The learning curve for it is so steep I am slipping more than I am climbing…  But when I can get it working …. does it ever work well… All I gotta do is learn more computers….

flex_manual_cover… And in with the new…

I think that on a scale of  1 to 10 that honestly my rating would be about an 8…

Big raise in QRP DXCC  (32 to 76)

Substantial rise in DXCC (111 confirmed with 151 in the Log)

WAS up to 46 confirmed out of 50 in the log

And as always… I had fun…


And whats in store for 2014?

I gotta get my skills upgraded so I can use the Flex 1500 to its full potential.  This is crucial because most of my hopes for 2014 are based on me having a good radio…

I would hope that I get my QRPDXCC this year…

only 24 more to go…  I am starting to operate a bit more CW this year and as my skills improve… who knows what I will able to get in the log…


I am still looking to reach the Antarctic as the 7th continent for my WAS has eluded me so far…  I have worked the Falklands but still missing my 7th continent

As I work on my QRPDXCC its only natural that some more awards will come my way as I log all my contacts…

Some individual band DXCC (20m)…

This would not be out of the question but that depends on how many confirmations I can get on LoTW or if the EQSL folks and the ARRL can finally learn how to play nice.



One thing though on a sadder note (or not depending on what you think of this blog) … 

This is my last blog posting…. 

The last 5 years (2008-2013) have been great and hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing…

  However there becomes a time that as a blogger I think its time to call it a day before you decide that I should call it a day… 

With the report you just read in the previous post from the WordPress Stats Monkey… I feel we are getting close to that time…

So with a smile on my face….






Thanks for riding along with me over the last years…  It was great having you with me…


I will still be out there making contacts…

I will still be out there promoting “our hobby”…

And I will still be out there trying to get YOU in my log…





ps… If you want to see what I’m up to you can always follow me on “Twitter”…  I will continue to annoy people in 140 characters or less… If you don’t tweet…  then on the right hand side of this page up near the top you will find “Bob said on Twitter”. 

I am keeping the blog up because its reflects our hobby in one way or another. 

I just feel that at this time… I have nothing further to add… 

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2 Responses to “2013- So how did I do?”

  1. Bas PE4BAS Says:

    Happy new year Bob. So unfortunate you’ll end the blog. I’m not really into twittering though I have a account. Good luck with the hobby. 73, Bas

  2. VE4DRK Says:

    Thanks for all your blog posts – I enjoyed reading them … 73, Dan ve4drk

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