A New Year and a new direction

Happy 2017 and to some of you welcome back.  The “blog” as you know it will be changing greatly (for the better I think) and I hope you will agree.

As “our” name implies “Amateur Radio on the Road”…

I will be talking less about DXCC, Contesting and WAS…. but will be talking more about portable operation, antenna selections  as they pertain to our new style of travelling.  Yes this year Liz and myself plan to be doing lots of travelling  and there will be lots of operating from different locations.

The first change I find extremely frustrating…  All the blog posts starting with the next one will be created with “our” new I Pads…  

So this falls into the teaching an old dog a new trick category.  After 8 Years of blogging with a nice large monitor along with a full size keyboard…  I now have to learn how to use a 9 inch I Pad…  The WordPress app is fairly easy to use but… my  fat fingers often seem to hit the wrong areas of my touch pad which causes spelling mistakes and other aw shucks moments…  Its not as easy as I thought it was going to be.


The above Pic is not ours but close enough to show you the outside view.  This one is a 2001 and ours is a 1999.  Closed up its a 23 foot camper that sleeps 4.  Open it up like in the above pic and its a 30 footer that sleeps 8.  

Once again the below pic is not ours… You won’t really see ours till the spring (once the snow melts) as thats the next time we should see it but it does serve as a good example of the trailer in its closed up position.


The idea behind this was that when we are on the road even though the new (to us) trailer is larger than the old Dodge Class C camper (pic below) that we lost last year…


Space will always be at a premium so we decided to forgo a computer in the Trailer but go with individual I Pads to do all of our work with.

Yes “our”…. That’s the second change….  Liz will be contributing the non-ham perspective to our upcoming plans and travels…  This would be the part where we travel to Sept Illes QC in late October so she can do some “Whale Watching” and it was just lucky it was the weekend of the CQ WW SSB so I could operate from Zone 2.  (What a coincidence eh!!!)  It might happen… you never know…

Bear with us as we’re learning as we go…  As we are having a “Brutal” winter here in Ottawa so far things will not be taking off as fast as we had planned.  Its hard to talk about Portable Ops and Camping when its colder than usual with (way) more snow than usual…  I am planning to dig out the trailer for the end of March and then the adventures will really start.  Its a blank slate as we have to equip the trailer with all we need to travel with as well as add some extra storage batteries and a solar charging system before we head out on our first real trip.

There will be a couple of “shakedown cruises” just to see what we have forgotten to pack but the first long trip should be taking place late June when Liz and I try again to make it to Prince Edward Island.  


Last year the fire changed our travel plans and we are really looking forward making it there and back this summer.

CU down the road



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