Mid Month update

Its been a cold and busy time here…  Lots of non hobby (RV and Radio) related stuff going on which is taking up lots of my time…  Also its kind of hard to blog about the RV Lifestyle when our trailer is snow covered in a storage yard…  

The hunt for a suitable Tow Vehicle continues and I plan to have something on the road to tow the trailer as soon as the storage yard thaws out enough so I can tow it out of their yard.  

championgeneratorI have acquired a Champion 1.5 kw gas generator that is in need of some TLC.  Very low hours on it and the price was right.

It will receive an oil change,  tune up and a fuel system cleaning along with a carb kit in time for the beginning of the 2017 camping season.


In the meantime….

Are you planning to visit Ottawa for the Canada Day week event this year???

Canada Day in 2017 will be a blast as its also the 150th birthday for Canada.  


With the supply of Hotel/Motel rooms starting to dwindle for Canada Day,  the City of Ottawa will be offering RV and Tent Camping (for a price) at some City Arenas and other locations across the City.  

These would be unserviced sites but the Arenas and Community Centers do have washrooms and showers which should (might) be available.  Depending on location available you could be within cycling distance or walking distance of Parliament Hill and Ottawa does have a very good Transit (bus) system.  

Don’t even think of trying to park in downtown Ottawa for Canada Day….  The parking tickets are large and the impound fees even larger…


For more info on the Urban Camping …Please visit the City of Ottawa Website ( http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/recreation-and-parks/events-and-specials#urban- camping-2017 ) 


For more on the Canada 150 Celebrations please visit the Canadian Gov Website ( https://www.canada.ca/en.html )


On the Radio Side of things….  I have not been on HF in the new year yet.  I do my best to try and check into a couple of 2m nets if time permits but…  Nothing new coming up in my logs so far.    I am looking into some 100w HF rigs to pick from for the Camper.  At this time until they get this distracted driving issue settled I just plan to run my Yaesu FT 7800 in the cab of the tow vehicle just to monitor the local repeaters  while in transit.  Some sort of APRS rig will also be used as well…  When we get set up at a campground my FT 817 will do for HF until I find the 100w HF rig I am looking for…

More on this by the spring time…


ps…  remember the thought of using the IPAD for the Blog?  Found one little glitch…  using the APP will only let me upload pics to the blog that I take with the IPAD camera.  This forces me to make these entries with my shack computer as I am using stock pictures…but once we get on the road and start using the IPAD then our fresh pictures will let you enjoy our adventures as if you were travelling with us…






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