Wide Coverage VHF (2m) Ottawa Area repeaters

If you read my previous post then you might remember that the City of Ottawa is offering limited urban camping at selected arenas and community centres for the week long Canada Day celebrations.

If you are driving in to Ottawa with your RV,  these frequencies (For the ham radio types) might be helpful.  The greater Ottawa area has many repeaters but here are some of the more stable wide coverage ones.

The repeater guides show many more repeaters for Ottawa…  but as of the time of posting this…. the  short list gives you a choice of several FM repeaters that you usually find someone monitoring.

(Above pic is my dual band handheld)

146.850  – offset   CTCSS.  136.5.   VE3ORF  owned/operated by the 3730 Group

146.880  – offset.  CTCSS   136.5    VE3OCE owned by the City of Ottawa OEM and operated by the Ottawa ARES/EMRG

146.940  – offset   CTCSS.  100.0   VE2CRA owned/operated by the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club

147.150   + offset   CTCSS   100.0   VE3MPC owned / operated by the Canadian Police College ARC

147.300  + offset   CTCSS   100.0   VE3TWO owned / operated by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club

If you are planning to visit Ottawa during the Canada Day 150 don’t forget to program your 2m rigs…

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