April showers brings….

More showers… it seems…

If the winter was “brutal”….. the spring “monsoon season” is proving to be just as annoying…

No major leaks found so far but I have treated a damp area with sealer and crossing my fingers that that’s as bad as it gets…. more on this later…

Our 1st trip of the season is a short 24 days away…. The weekend after the Canadian “Victoria Day” long weekend.  The May 24 weekend is a bit too rowdy for our liking (opening weekend for most of the parks) so we usually start our camping season the following weekend.

This will be a short (2day) “boondocking” trip that will allow me to calculate our fuel consumption when towing the trailer.  Without the trailer we are getting aprox 17 L per 100 KMS.  Given the weight and size of the trailer I am guessing that the rate will drop down to somewhere close to 25L per 100 KMS.

So in the next 20 days I have to:

Check, repack or replace the wheel bearings.

Replace the 12v Storage battery

Fill the 2 propane tanks

Flush the plumbing system and fill the watertank.  

Normally filling the tank would be done when we arrived at the park but as I mentioned earlier this time we are boondocking…. so no park to fill up at.

championgeneratorI still have to check the 120v electrics…. hopefully when the generator makes it back from the repair shop…

Or I will have to tow the trailer somewhere that has shore power for the test.

That’s a good 2 or 3 days work….. now let’s see if my other commitments will cooperate and get it all done.

On to the radio side of things….

In the truck I am keeping it simple with a 2m fm radio along with a 5/8w mobile antenna.  It will be programmed before each trip with the freqs for the repeaters that we will be passing.

In the trailer for HF will be my FT817.  I will be using my buddistick (for overnites) magmounted to the roof of the truck and for longer stops my S9 43foot vertical along with my SGC 237 remote autotuner.  I am getting a mount for this made up that will attach to the hitch on the truck for use when the trailer is not attached (and the truck parked…)

I am still thinking on APRS but doubt it will be done in time for the first trip….. More on this later….



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