Repairing and upgrading

As you know last week Liz, Trisha, Shadow the cat and myself spent some time down at Riverside Cedars Park on the St. Lawrence River  (just east of Morrisburg) testing out our new (to us) travel trailer.    

Now a week later I have started the chore of doing all the “small things” that we thought would make our life on the road more pleasant.  

I already have replaced a few blown fuses and have purchased the replacement light bulbs that will be shortly making things a bit brighter…. A new 300 w inverter is now wired into the fuse panel (storage battery ) which will give us enough AC power to run the television and an oscillating fan for those few times that we are without shore power and unable to run the generator.

Still on the electrical side of things…. I will be wiring my 12volt Koolatron into the fuse panel as well which will give us a extra bit of refrigeration.  Another electrical addition will be hard wiring my solar panel to the storage battery.  This solar panel should be large enough to extend the use of the storage battery by a couple of days or so before I have to worry about things.  

Just to remind you.  The storage battery is being charged whenever we are connected to shore power or whenever the truck is connected to the trailer via the lights/brake cable.  So every time we stop for the day the storage battery should be fully charged.

If things do not go as planned…. I will have to upgrade the solar system as there is no real space left to expand on the storage battery.  

The plumbing side of things is much simpler… Nothing seems to leak and the toilet works.  The previous owner of the unit removed the shower from the bathroom.  Not sure why … but I am not in a hurry to open up a wall to find out … so I have come with a McGiver solution for the shower.  The prototype was built using $50.00 worth of parts from my local Home Depot store and was neat enough that it was ” Liz approved ”  and will be installed before our July trip.  A description of my plumbing fix will be shared after the installation.

Mechanical wise…  The pickup is getting an oil change/greasing/filters done before we leave and I have purchased 2 tires on rims which will give me a couple of spare tires for the trip.  The trailers wheel bearings were already packed so unless some running or brake lights go out all is good there

Radio wise… The “maiden voyage” proved that my balun was not waterproofed.  This will be corrected in time for the trip.  At this time I am still planning to be operating casually while on holidays but a bit more seriously for the RAC Canada Day Contest.  I will be QRP using my FT 817.  Listen for VA3QV/VY2 (mostly SSB and PSK 31) on the bands for most of July…

All in all….. things are going as planned and (so far) we are looking forward to our holidays…

My next visit to the storage facility is scheduled for Monday and the repairs/upgrades will be ongoing… I promised Liz that she will be comfortable when we head down east…. Now I gotta make it happen…

Liz should be talking to you about her thoughts about things soon…



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