14 Days and counting

We decided to add to our plans…. The real purpose of this is to ensure that everything will be “shipshape” for our trip down east…

The plans are now that Liz and I will be leaving on the afternoon on Friday June 23rd and then spend the weekend boondocking at an Amateur Radio Field Day Site outside of Kemptville  with the 3.730/VE3ORF group.  

For those of you reading who are not hams…. Field Day is a  24 hour emergency communications test that starts at 1400 eastern daylight savings time.  The purpose of this is to prove that if in the case of an emergency we could take our equipment out of our home stations ….  set up our radios and antennas and operate from the field in emergency like conditions with Amateur stations across Noth America

Fore more info on Field Day…. please visit :  www.arrl.org

We will be returning on the Sunday night and then I have two days to fix/change anything I don’t like in time for our departure for the east coast…

It also lets us catch up with some old friends that I don’t see as often as I would like to… and camping and Amateur Radio works for me

More on this later….



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