Defining casual operating

When we are on our first “major” trip with our new (to us) “Truck/Trailer combo” Liz has agreed that there will be “Radio Time” allowed and I have agreed that “Family Time” will not be disrupted by “Radio Time”.

What this means in reality is that as I am an early riser I will be enjoying the sunrise with my first coffee of the day and looking for stations who might be able to hear the 5w of my Yaesu FT 817.  Modes of choice will be SSB and PSK 31 as I will be bringing my NUE PSK modem with me.


This handy little device once I attach a keyboard to it allows me to use the popular Amateur Radio Digital mode PSK 31 in a very portable operation.  No computer or monitor needed…  What you see is what you get…


And here (above) is the complete portable station (not counting antennas)  FT817 with the LDG QRP Auto Tuner.  Battery Pack with the NUE Modem resting on it to get a bit of angle on the screen and the old AT Keyboard that is one of the few that works with out issues on the NUE Modem.

I will be using the callsign VA3QV/vy2.  It is my hope that early mornings I will be able to make both DX Contacts (20m) from the Picnic table at the campsite and also contacts back home to the guys in the Ottawa area on 40m.  In the past I have had no trouble making contacts to the east coast of Canada from Ottawa on those bands at those times… Really hoping that the reverse will prove true with me contacting Ontario and DX Stations from the east coast..  No guarantees with the band conditons being what they are but….  I’m going to try…

The afternoons should be spent playing tourist but after supper I will be out there again trying for VE3 and who ever else can hear me…  I plan to be active on 2m, 6m to 160m although my W3EDP is far from the best on the 160m band  so 2 to 80m would be more realistic.  For 2m and 6m I have a dipole cut for 6m and it really works well on 2m as well.  The thing to remember there is that….  I’ve only have 5w to work with so….  you have to be aimed at me to even have a chance of getting in the log.


If we are luck enough to make a contact I will be uploading the logs (after we get back) to LoTW, EQSL and  Please be patient as I have to figure out how to add the portable designations to my accounts so you get credit for contacting where I was operating from rather than where I live.

Aim your beams towards FN86dn for the best results.  If we are lucky enough to make a contact then also remind me that my grid square at the campground is FN86dn…

Between family commitments…campfires… and band conditions it will be hard to commit to skeds but…. Mornings and evenings would be 20m if band is open along with the Canadian Voice Portions of 40 and 80m.  If the bands are opening up then the Digital Portions of any band open for PSK31.  If you hear me please spot me on the cluster…


CanadaFlagSunset1During RAC Canada Contest I will be giving out the “PE “multiplier as VA3QV/vy2.  I will be operating QRP SSB on any allowable band for the contest.  

Sorry no CW for this one but my poor CW Skills have deteriorated since I quit operating with the Flex about 6 months ago.

There is also a good chance that towards the end of July we will be moving over to VE1 Land as well as VE9 Land before we head towards VE2 and then home.  If time permits Liz has given me permission to aim the camper North into VE2 and operate for a day in Zone 2 but thats only if everything comes together within our timetable.


But then again after spending a month with each other in a camper we might just want to get home and find our own space…

Final (before we leave) test for the new setup will be on Field Day Weekend… Hope to hear you then as well.








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